FLIGHT TIME: 2.5 hrs

INCLUSIONS: Transfers, Water, Breakfast or Lunch**, Headset Commentary, complimentary souvenir

*Horizontal Falls is a tidal phenomenon. Departure times or flight route may vary slightly to suit tidal activity. Please ask when booking about its activity on the date of travel. 

**Breakfast or Lunch is at provided by Kooljaman at Cape Leveque, meal dependent on the time of flight. Breakfast options include Cooked Breakfast or Granola with fruit.

*** Min 4 passengers

$745 pp


OPTIONAL 2.5hrs non-stop FLIGHT ONLY 

Code: BA2.5 

$685pp  min 4 pax

$750 pp


A Coastal Kimberley adventure, this tour showcases the majestic islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, the Horizontal Falls and Cape Leveque.


Broome Aviation provides free transfers from all accommodation in and around Broome. Once you are collected from your hotel, you will be brought to Broome Aviation’s very own departure lounge located at the Broome International Airport. Here you will be greeted with a selection of Nespresso Pod coffee or tea in air-conditioned comfort. Your Pilot will give a short safety demonstration before commencing your flight.

Departing Broome, you track over the Chinatown district of Broome, sweeping over Roebuck Bay and surrounds. The flight path takes you over Malcolm Douglas Crocodile farm and the Broome Road before heading towards the Dampier Peninsula.


As you fly past the millions of hectares of station land, rich in Aboriginal Heritage, your pilot will regale you with stories and the history of the area before you enter the area known as the Buccaneer Archipelago. Looming ahead will be the Kimbolton Ranges, an ancient coastal seabed of the region. These ancient relics are the product of a once Devonian reef system. The thousands of islands that form the Buccaneer Archipelago become distinct. You are now over pristine pearl farming waters where only a few pearl farms of the archipelago become visible. Photo opportunities abound here.

The Horizontal Waterfalls soon come into sight as the aircraft is positioned to get the perfect view from the window. This magnificent example of Mother Nature’s power is closely aligned between the gorges of the McLarty Range, located in Talbot Bay. The Horizontal Falls are a fast moving tidal flow through two narrow fingers, the direction of the flow reverses with each change of tide. As tides in the Kimberley can reach ten metres, a peak tide gives rise to a significant difference in the sea level on either side of each gorge, which creates the rushing water and illusion of the Horizontal Falls.


Flying over Talbot Bay, the home of the famous Paspaley Pearling Empire, you see the hundreds of long lines each housing the valuable oysters that cultivate the pearl. Your Pilot weaves through the islands of Cockatoo and Koolan (mining empires) and heads towards Cape Leveque where the red rock cliffs meet the white sandy beaches bordering the pristine blue waters. You will land here for breakfast or lunch and have time to explore this unique area.


Walking over the hill at Cape Leveque is like walking into an unspoiled paradise. You will be one of the few that are privy to this wonderful experience. For the morning tour you will receive a freshly cooked breakfast and for the afternoon tour you will enjoy grilled Barramundi and salad. After food, there will be time for a swim in the pristine turquoise waters. Optional tours are also available from Cape Leveque. 

After a brief stay in this amazing area you take to the skies again for a quick forty five minutes of flying along the coast past Lombadina, James Price Point, Sandy Bay, Beagle Bay and Willie Creek to arrive back in Broome.


On arrival into Broome you are welcomed back to Broome Aviation’s departure lounge where your pilot will award you with a free souvenir and extra information about the tour before you are transferred back to your hotel.


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