Windjana Gorge | Bell Gorge | Mount Hart

Tour Duration:
Full Day
Tour Includes:
Hotel Transfers, Chilled Bottled Water, Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea,  Full Commentary,
Tour Souvenir
What To Bring: 
Swimwear, Towel, Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses
and a Camera
Number Of Passengers:
5 (minimum 4 required)
$1,290 per person
Dry Season (April to October)
Tour Outline


After your complimentary hotel pick up, you will be brought to Broome Aviation’s very own departure lounge located at the Broome International Airport. Here you will be greeted by your pilot for the day and enjoy your pre-flight breakfast and tea or coffee in air-conditioned comfort. Your pilot will outline the days adventure and give a brief safety demonstration before commencing your flight.

On the way out of Broome, you will see some of the most remote Kimberley wilderness such as the Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges, formerly known as the King Leopold Ranges. Once landed, you will take a short drive through Windjana Gorge where you will see a countless number of natural wildlife plus view the ever present stares of Windjana's most revered occupant, Johnson River Crocodile.

Traveling northbound to the remote Silent Grove airstrip, you will take a another drive through the Kimberley outback, dotted with many native Boab Trees along the way which lead to the magnificent Bell Gorge. Here you will enjoy a short 1km walk to the top of the waterfall and have the chance to relax and take a refreshing swim in the pool that feeds the falls.

You will once again take to the skies travelling to Mount Hart Station. Once landed, you will have a gourmet lunch at the homestead and have the opportunity to stretch your legs and refresh as you discover the history about the operational station.

The spectacular tidal movements of the Horizontal Waterfalls which are closely aligned between the gorges of the McLarty Range in Talbot Bay will appear in your sight. As the Kimberley tides can reach up to as high as 11 meters, the peak tide gives rise to a significant difference in the sea level on either side of each gorge, which creates the rushing water and illusion of the Horizontal Falls.

Your pilot will then weave through the islands of Cockatoo and Koolan which are known as the mining empires of the Kimberley. As you fly over the millions of hectares of station land, enriched in Aboriginal heritage, your pilot will share stories and the history of the area before you enter the Buccaneer Archipelago region. Ahead of you also will be the Kimbolton Ranges, an ancient coastal seabed of the region. The thousands of islands that form the Buccaneer Archipelago become distinct. 

Landing in Cape Leveque, you will be surrounded by the red rock cliffs that meet the white sandy beaches that boarder the pristine blue waters. Here you will enjoy a delicious afternoon tea and have time to explore and enjoy a refreshing swim.


After a brief stay, you will fly the beautiful WA coastline, taking in the sights of Lombadina, James Price Point, Sandy Bay, Beagle Bay and Willie Creek.


Upon landing back in Broome, your tour concludes with the complimentary hotel drop off and your very own tour souvenir. 

*The Horizontal Falls is a natural tidal phenomenon. We unfortunately cannot guarantee the amount or level of water flowing through the falls at any given time. We will however vary our schedule and flight path to suit optimum tidal movement as best we can.

*The walk to the top of Bell Gorge is a short but very steep 1km walk. It is not recommended that the faint hearted participate as moderate level of fitness is required.