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Aircraft Fleet


The Cessna 210 has been the mainstay of aviation in the Kimberley as it is a high winged aircraft which makes it ideal for scenic flights. It seats 5 passengers and with its retractable undercarriage and single piston engine, is an extremely economical aircraft to operate. 

-The aircraft is rated for VFR operations.

-Single 300 Hp piston engine

-Cruising Speed - 300 Kph

-Seats 5 passengers

-Payload: 330KG - 480KG dependent on flight duration and path.


The Cessna 404 is the largest of the twin engine Cessna piston aircraft range. Built solidly, it can carry 9 passengers and luggage or uplift approx 1 tonne of freight. It has some 8 hours of endurance and because of its geared propellers it is one of the quietest twin engine aircraft ever built. It is able to fly in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

-The aircraft is rated for IFR and VFR operations.

-Twin 375 Hp piston engine

-Cruising Speed - 350 Kph

-Seats 9 passengers

 -Payload: 300KG - 800KG dependent on flight duration and path.

Broome Aviation Caravan.jpg

The Cessna 208B is a single engine high wing turbine aircraft. It comfortably carries 13 passengers and is fitted with external cargo pods for freight and baggage. The aircraft has the capability of up to 1000KG payload. Used extensively in the USA this aircraft has a 99% dispatch rate which makes it more reliable than most airliners.

-The aircraft is rated for VFR operations.

-Single 675 SHp turbo-prop engine

-Cruising Speed - 330 Kph

-Seats 13 passengers

-Payload: 630Kg - 1200Kg dependent on flight duration and path.

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